Tuesday, March 16, 2010

...and then I walked in the door and the craziness went away. I got a huge hug from my boy, a phone call from my love (in Scottsdale right now) and, after changing into sweatpants, walked right out the door for a walk down the street with Monster...poking sticks into the mud on the sidewalks. Bliss.


The Day That Sucked. Bigtime.

I have a great life. Superman for a husband and the fantastic Ironman (“the big one”) for a son. I’ve got a new house, an insanely wonderful mom and dad…brother and sister…and the greatest in-laws (totally including mother-, father-, sister-, brother-) anyone ever had. But the hectic chaos that has become my life is slowly driving me insane. I have got to get it together…and need to start living according to an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve only just begun…

Working 2 days in the office and doing the rest of my hours from home sounds delightful…and in some ways it is. But sooo not what I was expecting. More on that later.

Today just turned out to be a sucky day - mostly because I'm missing my husband and my son more than I ever have. Ever.

My lovely sister-in-law ( came to TJ-sit again today from noon-5pm while I went to the office. From there, my sweet sis and newest sister-in-law took the remaining two hours (back to back) that I’d be away. It was a decent handoff when Melissa came this afternoon, but my little Monster has become quite moody boy when it comes to protecting his Mommy and his home – needing to hide when people come in and not wanting them to look at him. Is this odd? Please tell me it’s not odd for a 3-year old. Well, he got over it quickly and they started fun time before I was out the door. Lucky for me, my sister-in-law can handle Monster's silliness and games...and doesn't take it personally like I would. Whew!

Once at work, I started up my computer, took 4 calls that came to me within my first 30 seconds in the door and pulled my materials together for my meeting across campus – in, tick tock tick, 45 minutes and counting. I got to the meeting right on time, and sat there to learn a completely new system (which I will live by from this day forward) for 2.5 hours before leaving 5 minutes early to drive several miles down the road to CCC for a scheduled visit.

Over the next 11 minutes in the car, I returned 5 phone calls, ate half a sub, avoided two accidents, and nearly saved a senile old man’s life by allowing him to finish running across the middle of a major intersection without plowing him over.

When I arrived, I noticed my packet didn’t include the usual parking pass, so I had to park, then cart my suitcase (on rollers, thank goodness), 2nd bag o’ materials, computer bag and purse just under a mile to the building and my destination. I then purchased a parking pass, dropped off my materials and walked back to my car (remember, nearly a mile) to put the pass on my dash. I couldn’t leave my computer or purse at the desk so I brought them along with me again. My back hated me for it. So did my feet. I made my final walk back to my station and set up for the evening.

On my third trip into the building, I realized I was pretty thirsty. I was in luck! I had exactly $1.50 in my wallet to play with so I made a mad dash to the vending machine to buy a Diet Dr. Pepper. Yes, I did quit my addiction but I still need one from time to time. I was worried about how much it would cost…maybe I’d be 10cents short, but I wasn’t. Hooray! Money went in…and I gleefully hit the button for my thirst-quencher. Then the machine read “not available – make a new selection.” I told it (out loud, mind you) that I didn’t want another selection. I wanted Diet Dr. Pepper. It didn’t care…and it showed me that it didn’t care by not responding. Stupid machine. I got my money back and tried for my second choice but they were out of that too. I pouted for 12 seconds on my way back to my table where I sat down in defeat. Thirsty. Whine, whine, whine.

I got some work done, spoke with some great people…

And then I lost internet connection…in the middle of 4 emails and a 2 file downloads. Ugh!

Next, the fire alarm started going off. Sweet! I told myself they’d have to drag me out before I was going to leave…but it only took some police officer saying, “ma’am, we need everyone to evacuate this building” to get my booty out of the seat. Of course, I had to bring all my crap with me – computer and purse…but I left my work materials there to potentially burn. Which they didn’t.

17 minutes later, we were allowed back in the building with a lecture that we shouldn’t smoke near the fire alarms. Really?

Now I’m finally back at my work station…waiting to get my internet connection back…and writing this blog in a Word document in the meantime. The worst part? I’ve got to freaking pee. So here I go again, packing up my belongings to lug down to the bathroom with me.

Okay, so maybe not a suck day…but definitely a fast-forward tiring day. I can’t wait to go home and see my sweet little boy who becomes more and more grown up every single minute. I’m terrified that the next time I get home from work he’ll have a mustache and ask for the car keys. Please, little Monster, stay a little Monster for a long, long time.

Have a good day, friends!


Marketing to Kids

Monday, March 15, 2010

Congratulations, toy marketers, on a job well done. My little Monster was looking through the Target toy catalog this weekend while Tim and I were at the table looking through mail or something. Monster started yelling out things like, "AWW COOL! Dinosaur Hunters! Oh Mom Look! Lego Atlantis! OH Doddy! Doddy!!! Snerf or nothing!"

Snerf or nothing? Yes, not only does my 3-year old know the exact names of toys like Lego Atlantis and Dinosaur Hunters....but he knows Nerf's tagline -- "It's Nerf or nothing". Personally, Tim and I like "Snerf or nothing" better, but who's counting.

We listen to a lot of music in the car...all kid music. Some days I can't get "Do Re Mi" out of my head at all and I go to sleep thinking about jam and bread. But today I got a great laugh out of Monster's interpretation of another song. We were doing a policeman puzzle (thanks, DiagnosisUrine) and he was singing under his breath. To my delight, he sang "How Great Is Her Guy" to the tune of "How Great is Our God". Thank you, Veggie boy likes your songs. Isn't that sweet?

Don't you love kid's interpretations of things? For instance:
               *Monster calls Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teen-agent Turtles
               *He asked me what "this sigh no" means (Jesus Loves Me song) and what a Bibe-bolt is. I guess
                 I slur the words "Bible tells me"
               *My brother insisted a song (way back) was called "Sheet Like the Wind" and "If She Would
                 Have Been Paid For" (she's like the wind...and...if she would've been faithful)

Share some others with me, people!!


back up off me!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i hate to ruin the 'nice' blog post i just wrote, but i've got to throw this one out there too. lately i've noticed more and more people invading my personal space! every line i've stood in the past few weeks includes someone who is practically sitting in my purse on my shoulder.

at the dollar store the other day, this enormously tall man scooted closer and closer every time i tried to slyly slink toward the cash register and away from him. and we were the only other people in line! if they were trying to steal valuables out of my purse, they'd be thoroughly disappointed in their efforts. holy cow - get up off me people! unless you're my friend...then you can tackle me in love.   :  )


we be home!

well, this weekend brought a big move to our new home sweet home...and my little bugger had a double ear infection & 'disgusting' cough. he's been pretty miserable and sweetly pathetic. a few of the days, he wouldn't even walk on my own and didn't talk much either. he just wanted to snuggle and be held which my husband and i really liked. he had an allergic reaction to my medicine this morning with welts and no more medicine for my sick dumpling. let's hope he can fight this on my own without a different kind of med!

this big move has worn us out! but i think we're more moved in than most people would be at this point. it's a blessing and a curse, but my husband and i are a little overly motivated in some areas. more he than me. but we moved and cleaned and have just a few more items to bring over before a final cleaning and the fun of giving the old keys back...and hangin' on to the new ones. we had SO much help on the moving weekend and are forever indebted to those who contributed. THANK YOU, everyone, for bringing us home.

it is so light and cheerful in this house. our house. i loved waking up the first morning...and feeling like we're staying at someone's summer home. it's a little unbelieveable. i love the boys who sleep in the beds. the creak on the 5th step. the man cave bathroom in the basement. and the carpeting. i love the carpeting! wrestling and tickling matches are so much easier with carpet covering the floor. woohoo!

 ooooh the memories we will have in this place!!!


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