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Sunday, October 17, 2010

well, here i am...many months later...writing another blog. oh how i have missed you! i couldn't resist getting back to writing about the little things in my life. i should be folding laundry, working or at least killing the spider crawling across the floor in front of me. but alas, i'm typing words onto the computer. words that likely i will be the only one to read. or perhaps my husband. he told me he missed my blogging the other day. that, my friends, meant the world to me. made my heart flutter a bit. sigh.

to start, let's talk about monster. yes, my sweet little boy is growing up so quickly. i don't care how cliche it sounds - it's the freaking truth. and it hurts!

the other day we went around the block - monster on his bike and me hoofin' it. he found my old olympic kid cabbage patch doll in the guest room closet just before we left and wanted badly to bring her. so we did. monster held her in his lap while riding but he was unsteady on the bike. after some trial and error, he held her by her hair while gripping the handlebars. it was hilarious. i'm sure our older neighbors gasped when they saw this (especially because "little girl" wasn't wearing any pants or undies) but i didn't care. i just giggled at how he talked to her and cared for her.

this weekend was one of the greatest of my life. dare i say, it was the best 3 days in a row i've ever had. friday, tj got to sleep over at bondi and poppy's while we went to cedar point with friends. we had a fantastic time and also realized just how old we actually are. i couldn't believe how sick i felt after rides and how badly my lower back felt after awhile. i'll tell you what though - i was giddy with excitement and had an incredible time. it was fun just playing and not thinking.

saturday, we spent 3 hours at a fall fest just tim, monster and me. there was trick-or-treating, games and crafts, hay mazes and inflatables. the best! after two hours of fun, we started to head back to the car and stopped for a minute to watch a magician. a minute turned into 50 and we stayed until the end. it was funny and impressive - what a fun ending to a great afternoon! in the evening, we went to watch the ugly osu game with friends and tj was super! hyper ... but super! we really enjoyed ourselves and totally relaxed.

sunday, we skipped church (needed a morning in) and got our running in early. next, we headed out to the east side to spend the day with tim's sister and much of the family for another ugly game. but we had a great time!! it was my sister in law's birthday and we just relaxed. again, tj was a saint which really made it enjoyable. i had the greatest time playing with him in the driveway - rolling a pop-up hot wheels car back and forth. brilliant! seriously, i know this isn't a great 'read' but i want to remember how easy and fun this weekend was when i look back on this blog one day.

of course there is more fun to come. but lots of work travel for my husband and also a big knee surgery for him. i think i'm more disappointed for him than he is...but i'll save that story for my next blog. peace out!    


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