magic eraser and television - an odd combination, no doubt

Friday, September 2, 2011

oh how my life has changed. i'm about to blog about...Magic Eraser!!! i found it in my cleaning supplies today and took it to my bath tiles. i am now in love with this product : ) i didn't know how dirty my shower and tub were until i used it - and now it sparkles.

i am really excited about fall tv! i can't wait for my old favorites like house and the mentalist to start back up...but also for some new ones that look pretty funny. up all night and last man standing are on my "to watch" list. i'm not a sit-in-front-of-the-tv kinda girl, but i do love watching shows at night while i'm doing laundry or work or working out. it's how i decompress! it's mindless and light or funny - most of the time.

i say most of the time, because i have this tendency to watch crap. negative, true crap. i don't know why i follow news stories of missing pregnant women or kidnapped children, but i do! 20/20 specials about murders and courtroom drama grab my attention and i can't turn away. tim thinks i'm crazy! i have sworn off criminal minds because it has made me a little paranoid at times. (especially when tim is out of town.)


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