Please don't feed the animals!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our neighbor recently informed us that we have a groundhog living under our shed. Apparently, he's stealing their tomatoes. Funny thing - he's not stealing ours! Perhaps it's because we have a little wire fence wrapped around our mini-garden. Just thinkin' that may be the reason. Anyhow, we stepped it up and like good neighbors, called for the animal experts to come set up a trap. They came this morning as I was packing up the car to leave for work (of course). TJ is excited about catching an animal. I'm not so sure.

On a completely different note...

Sometimes when I drive without TJ, I forget to change the music playing in the car. I can drive for miles before realizing that I'm listening to Veggie Tales or singing along to Kids Worship songs. As much as I love our music together, I don't always want to listen to it on my own. My favorite station is 92.3 because, holy cow, they play freaking awesome music nonstop. Until today. I turned on the station (programmed as #1 in my car) and heard some guy arguing with another guy about topics surrounding Luke Fickle and Braxton Miller among others. I thought I must have hit the AM button by accident so I pushed it again. Umm, that wasn't the case. My ultimate favorite most perfect radio station ever, has been changed to 92.3 The Fan. Sports talk radio. Are you kidding me? I walked back into work in a bit of shock. How on earth can we be home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and not have an alternative rock radio station. Someone, please turn me on to something else. I do like 88.3 The Sting, which is B-W's station. But I already badly miss my 92.3. What is the deal? I tried to email the "new" station to ask about the switch but they didn't have an email address online. Seriously? Seriously. Oh I was given the option to "like" it on Facebook or Tweet about it or blah blah blah. But what happened to good old-fashioned email? It was nowhere to be found. I am old.


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